Irma & Ernesto Ausejo

Ernesto and Irma Ausejo founded PeachTree Maid  with the simple yet earnest idea that they like a squeaky clean home. Who doesn’t like a clean home they would always ask themselves? They realized that most Georgians are busy with work, kids, and the everyday burdens of life; they know that this doesn’t leave much time for housekeeping.

So, in 2002 they began to float around the idea of extending our simple premise to other homes; clean and affordable services that would leave homes as satisfied as they had been with their own. They wanted to offer our fellow citizens a service that would ease their everyday burdens. Thus in order to make this dream a reality they began to run ads in the local newspapers and much to their luck, and the grace of God, they have had quite a bit of success.

10 years later they service  homes in Peachtree City and are looking forward to expanding and delivering their services to our neighbors in the Fayette and Coweta counties; they have numerous satisfied clients whose burdens have been alleviated because of their services. Our customers all come back from their jobs and daily obligations to a clean environment in which they can wind down. Furthermore, their clients love the fact that they stay as green as can be. Peachtree Maid cleans homes with organic products that never hurt the environment and clean your home as efficiently as possible.

Their motto is simple: We will clean your home with care, love and attention; We will always treat your home with the upmost care and respect so that we will treat it as if it were our own home. We rejoice in seeing our clients with a smile on their faces after we have thoroughly cleaned their homes, nothing satisfies us more than making your home life easier and give you more time to do with your life as you please.